The Japanese American Museum currently has an exhibit on Polynesian culture. It features photographs of how a tattoo is applied, the people involved in the process, and the ones tattooed. Its ongoing from now till 1/8/2017!

For more information you can check out this link


Event Photography | Comedy Comedy Festival

Covered the Comedy Comedy Festival last weekend and it was a blast! Their lineup featured an amazing cast of characters featuring comedians, actors, sketch groups, improv groups, and storytellers (some who was on stage for the first time!). It was a blast and the most profound thing said by one of the organizers was “It’s not just about the Comedy but also the Community” (I may be paraphrasing but it sounded like something to that effect). Shout-out also to all the volunteers!


Event Photography | 117th Golden Dragon Parade

LA Chinatown’s Golden Dragon Parade is always a blast and culminates with the lighting of firecrackers. I highly recommend getting there early to beat the crowds (and getting decent parking. If you want to be near the firecrackers at the end try camping towards the Broadway/Cesar E Chavez intersection OR Broadway/Ord (just start making your way towards the Dragons once you see the last lions pass to at least see the firecrackers)

Make sure to check out Lei Min Way after as that’s where a lot of events/activities are centered!

Podcastic Fantastic | Mythcreant

I just discovered the Mythcreant Podcast! Its a great podcast that talks about world building, character creation and a lot more topics regarding RPG’s and stories.Their also doing an actual play episodes in the Star Wars Universe!

Some suggested episodes:

Ep. 18 – Subverting Expectations
Ep. 19 – Character Death
Ep. 61 – Stories That Do Diversity Right 

Last Ship of the Republic

Their website is http://mythcreants.com/

Let me know what you think! And if you have suggestions for gaming podcast please put it in the comments section!

Event Photography | Pacific Bridge Concert

Got to cover the first Pacific Bridge Concert at the Los Angeles City Hall a few months ago! It featured an amazing lineup of Asian-American Artist and hosted by the awesome Jenny Yang!

Their line up featured:

Tribal Theory
Joseph Vincent
Kevin Oh
Run River North
Jhene Aiko


Event Photography | Project by Project – Plate by Plate

One of my favorite yearly events is the Project by Project – Plate by Plate. Every year they organize a food tasting event to benefit a non-profit of their choosing.

To learn more about Project by Project and the great work they do in the community check out their website or facebook page!

Culture | Native American Hoop Dance


Hoop Dance

We encountered a hoop dancer at our stop on the way to Antelope Canyon. He gave us an explanation of the dance and what it symbolizes.

There’s a yearly competition in Arizona that I would love to attend.

And if you want to some performances and learn more follow these these links:





Hike | Mojave National Preserve

Went to 2 Trails when I visited the Mojave National Preserve.

Rings Loop Trail is an easy 1.5 hike that starts at the Hole in the Wall Visitor Center. If you’re working on a National Park Passport there is a stamp located inside the center.

Kelso Dunes can be easy or challenging depending on how far you go. There are no trails but the footprints are a good hint on where to go. I recommend going there later so you can catch the sunset (if you’re ambitious go during sunrise!). Bring a towel and find some shaded area to just take in the sights and sounds of the desert. Also have lots of water and a flashlight.

You can get more info here: