On Stage……..Now What?!?

Family Reunion

Went on stage with some amazing people last Thursday. My introduction was mercifully long and it helped me be more composed and calm before getting on stage. I opened my story with an accent (The amazing Amy Hill said something about playing a Filipino Grandma on t.v next month and hey if I can get her to laugh (SHE DID!) then its smooth sailing from there). Told a few experiences about my first few years in the US and when I finally got to what Jenny calls “The Moment” it was all or nothing from that point. The crowd listened intently and laughed as I told them of my misadventure and when it came to the conclusion, the crowd collectively groaned. I ended my set with how it affected me and tied it back to the nights theme. It was nerve wracking to say the least but I might do it again so stay tuned!

To find out more about the wonderful projects Jenny and her crew does or when the next show is going to be check out Disoriented Comedy!


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