MtG|Modern: Mono Black Zombies

Taking a break from things to tweak one of my favorite decks. This was built when Innistrad first came out so it originally featured cards from Scars of Mirrodin and was used as my FNM Staple. It was modified for Modern after it went out of rotation and hasn’t been really been changed much since its first inception.

Zombies Decklist


4x Festering Goblin
4x Shambling Goblin
2x Zombie Infestation


3x Small Pox
1x Gray Merchant of of Asphodel
1x Tragic Slip
1x Go for the Throat
1x Death Baron
1x Nantuko Husk

The strategy is to overwhelm the enemy. With 16 1 Drops I should be able to fill the board and put them on the defensive. 18 Land is Greedy but it gets the job done. If it proves to be a problem the first things that would be swapped out for more lands would probably be the Zombie Infestation.

Card Advantage would be tricky as Altar’s Reap is the only card draw option. Blood Scrivener could be the answer but will run the deck first before getting more cards. Same goes for a playset of Lord of the Undead as the ability to buff up zombies and return them to your hand is pretty good. Last but not least could be the addition of either Mutilate or Black Sun’s Zenith as board wipes for those games where I lose board control.

Comment if you played a deck similar to this and what you would add/remove!


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