Arma-Game-Don|Nov 15 Edition

Tiny takes the inaugural Arma-Game-Don by a point!

It was a fun/grueling 24 hour slog fest of gaming and trash talking. Fun times was had by all as we got to test the base Commander 2015 decks (review to follow) , sent zombie mobsters against each other with Dead Fellas, tried to build cities in Carcassonne and other crazy shenanigans. Hopefully we can keep this up monthly or bi-monthly. Sadly, I am in last place but with nowhere to go but up, I’m staying optimistic until the next Arma-Game-Don. Now if only I can convince them to play “Zombies!!!” again……

Games and Rounds per Game:

1 Round of Ascension: Rise of Vigil, 3 Rounds of Dead Fellas, 2 Rounds of Carcassonne, 2 Rounds of Sealed Commander 2015 and 1 Round of Phase 10.

Final Score:

S – 23
T – 26
D – 20
C – 25


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