MtG|Review: Commander 2015 “Wade Into Battle”

For the original deck list go here

This deck is built for a really aggressive player. With a casting cost of WRCC you can potentially put Kalemne into play by 2 Turn and Swinging for Damage by Turn 3. (A God Hand opening would involve either a Plains or Mountain/Sol Ring/Mana Vault as that will allow you to swing in by Turn 2).

After using the deck during Arma-Game-Don which had me attacking the first place person right from the get go (forget diplomacy I was aiming not to be last place). It was apparent that it suffers from not enough draw which coupled by the high casting cost cards in my hand kept me from being able to keep up the pressure as well as defend myself.

Straight out of the box its good but as with everything you can make it better with the addition of new cards particularly ones that fit your play style. With that said here’s an updated list with cards I’ve added from my own stuff and the reasoning behind it.


The only card I removed was the Blasted Landscape its removed because that slot can be used by something better e.g Slayers Stronghold, Sacred Foundry, etc. etc. if the trend continues with the other decks expect to be only looking for a few utility lands as these decks come with it.


I try to keep a theme within a deck (that’s fancy talk for I don’t have the right cards at the moment) so for the most part I stuck with Soldiers, Giants, and Angels. Kalemne’s Captain was removed due to the addition of Equipment and Enchantments to help make Kalemne a potential one shot. Some utility creatures were added and can potentially combo with Sun Titan.


With it being EDH I just added a board wipe if things go awry. Enchantments added were those that make a creature better by giving them +/+ but also some evasion.


Mana Rocks and Filters were added. Would probably call in a favor to get the Swords as I never had the opportunity to use them  yet. Thought Vessel is currently one of my favorite cards as its a Mana Rock AND Reliquary Tower in one.

The updated list is here! Unfortunately their database does not have the new Commander stuff in their database yet so I’ll have to update that down the road.


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