MtG|Review: Commander 2015 “Call the Spirits”

For the original deck list go here!

The first few times I saw this deck in action it feels too slow but after looking through the cards and possible ways to play it I realized that it just needs to be tweaked more then the other Commander Decks.

Daxos as a Commander is a solid 2/2 for his WBC casting cost but its his ability to bring more creatures to the board that makes him shine. My plan is to start converting it to a constellation deck as the tokens Daxos brings would trigger off of them.

Same with the previous deck it has most of the lands you need to build a nice base around and you’ll just need to put in a few more into those special lands e.g Godless Shrine.

I took out the alternate general as it doesn’t fit in the flavor/strategy anymore and loaded up with more Enchantments that remove or hinder my opponents more. I’m debating on adding Whip of Erebos as I don’t like the idea of losing a card to exile in EDH. Rule of Law didn’t make the cut as it would be counter intuitive. Will write more about how it performs once I play it against other people and it will be updated constantly for the next few months (along with Sen Triplets) as I slowly get my hands on cards I want to add.

Comment below on your favorite Enchantments and the updated deck list can be found here!


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