Arma-Game-Don|Dec 15 Edition

2 Months down 10 to go!

This month we got to try the Magic the Gathering Board Game Arena of the Planeswalkers! It brings a new dimension to your MtG experience and while some of the figures look really good some are kind of questionable (but for that price who can really complain?). I can see a lot of potential for this game particularly if A) WotC continues to support the game or B) if you’re enterprising enough to make your own stuff for it. Also can someone answer why the heck does Chandra not have a ranged attack?!?!!

Moving on Ascension: Rise of Vigil and Dead Fellas were played again (easy setup + fast paced games + hilarity = high replay value). You can pick up a copy of Dead Fellas on their website and its on sale right now too!

We got to play 2 rounds of Catan with someone hoarding all the sheep and people blocking our one reliable source of clay (which equates to no roads for a while). It may be just me but I’m slowly burning out from that game and if it wasn’t for the entertainment provided by the jokes and bad German accent someone was doing (because apparently in that universe they have perfectly engineered the sheep).

Last but not least is 2 rounds of Commander and of course we had to mix up the decks so we don’t run our own to which we in turn try to kill the person with our own deck because of the phrase “I know how scary that deck is” I’m not sure if we hold our own decks in high regard or if we actually know what we’re talking about.


Games Played/Rounds:

Duel of the Planeswalkers – 2
Dead Fellas – 2
Ascension: Rise of Vigil – 2
Settlers of Catan – 2
Commander – 2

Scores have been updated since its ongoing and will end sometime in October next year!

S – 47
T – 53
D – 52
C – 51



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