Gear | Altura Photo 8mm f/3.5 Aspherical HD Fisheye Lens

Finally got started on my backlog!  I picked up an aftermarket lens during the holidays and at that time this lens was priced under $200.00 so I took a chance and bought it. Its the first time I bought an aftermarket brand and I was just hoping for the best when I used it.

It exceeded expectations and actually made me more excited to go shooting again.

Here’s a link for the lens if you want to get one just make sure to pick the one that works with your camera, and here’s some images I took with it.


MtG | EDH: Maelstrom Wanderer

Retiring my first EDH Deck. It was how I got into playing EDH and it was a fun deck to play and learn the nuances of Magic Rules. It went through a bunch of changes from full aggro tokens, clone, infinite turns to its final version (Aggro/Shenanigans).

Here’s the final deck list!

Leave a comment about your first EDH Deck and if you’re still playing it!

Hike | Bowen Ranch | CA

A friend came back and organized a hike last December. It was a drive to go there but it was totally worth it! I remember saying “Four Hour Drive for a 4 mile hike?!?!?!!” but after he mentioned the _____________ it completely changed my mind.

The hike was average with some views on the way I would recommend bringing extra socks since there are streams you’ll have to cross. Would definitely come back and do it again maybe even staying at the Ranch for a night.