Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn we back at it with the all day gaming again

January came and went and now its March (Yes, February was forgotten somehow)

Some games we played this time are:

VS System

Holy crap! Was reminded how fun this game was. Tiny got us the Starter Decks (Batman vs Joker) and with all the hi-jinks that come with a four way game. We might get a box of a different set in the future and do a draft.

Monopoly Deal

Think Monopoly and Catan destroys friendships? Well this one does too but in a more efficient way! Lots of fun and it can get out of hand really quick. Someone’s claim of “I always win when I get all the railroads” being challenged as it was argued that its “Not a real game of Monopoly”

Raw Deal

I’m still cracking up that there is a card game based on WWF/WWE but what’s most impressive is that it actually is really fun to play! Kind of sad that Hulk Hogan signed his card as “Hollywood Hogan” though.

We also went to the Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release (cause nothings more fun then being paired with a random teammate). Where one of us managed to go 3-0 till ending with a draw for their final game.

One last thing someone got knocked out on Arma-Game-Don March so the scores got skewed due to that person only scoring 1 point per game.

Updated Scores are:

S – 98
T – 110
D – 104
C – 88

Also if you or your game crew have a list for scoring things on EDH hit me up!