Comics|Marvel Issue 1’s

Picked up a stack of comics a few weeks ago and finally got the time to start going through them. One of my go to places (Metropolis Comics) had  a bunch of the Skottie Young covers so I picked those issues up on top of All-New All-Different Avengers #1.

Karnak #1

Pleasantly surprised with this title, think warrior monk in his tower of knowledge in exile that gets a call from super secret agency. The book is well paced, great dialog and the gritty art is perfect for it.

The Astonishing Ant-Man #1

Unfortunately don’t know enough about Ant-Man (heck I still need to watch the movie) his stories seem to be a throwback to the old Spider-man is always down on his luck because of X,Y,Z. I like where the story was going and as I always try to explain to people about comics you can tell what era its from because of the topics they talk about but the plot device which in this case someone raising funds for a Super Villain App.

Hercules #1

Hercules! I just started getting the older titles (yes, because it featured Amadeus Cho and written by the amazing Greg Pak). If you read the old issues he was portrayed almost like a frat boy with powers but this time around it seems like he’s back as a more mature and responsible version of himself. His costume was also updated so be prepared to see him without his traditional toga

Drax #1

Drax was lovable in the Guardians Movie (if you can call a homicidal maniac who takes things literally lovable….wait a minute). It opens with the Guardians taking on (insert alien race that is not Kree or Skrull here) and after successfully completing the mission goes on their separate ways. AND what does someone that has nothing to do aside from guard the galaxy do when he doesn’t have that left? Go and try to kill Thanos!

The Uncanny Inhumans #1

Still getting used to Medusa being the leader of the Inhumans. There’s so many things that happened in between that I’ll need to catch up with the guys at the shop to catch up. The most interesting part of it so far is how it shows multi ethnic characters (way to go Marvel).

Web-Warriors #1

Continuing where Spiderverse left off. It shows the various Spiders helping Universes that lost their Spider. I’m 50/50 on this as I thought Marvel is doing away with the multiverse but then again the plot has me intrigued enough to at least give the next issue a try.