Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn we back at it with the all day gaming again

January came and went and now its March (Yes, February was forgotten somehow)

Some games we played this time are:

VS System

Holy crap! Was reminded how fun this game was. Tiny got us the Starter Decks (Batman vs Joker) and with all the hi-jinks that come with a four way game. We might get a box of a different set in the future and do a draft.

Monopoly Deal

Think Monopoly and Catan destroys friendships? Well this one does too but in a more efficient way! Lots of fun and it can get out of hand really quick. Someone’s claim of “I always win when I get all the railroads” being challenged as it was argued that its “Not a real game of Monopoly”

Raw Deal

I’m still cracking up that there is a card game based on WWF/WWE but what’s most impressive is that it actually is really fun to play! Kind of sad that Hulk Hogan signed his card as “Hollywood Hogan” though.

We also went to the Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-Release (cause nothings more fun then being paired with a random teammate). Where one of us managed to go 3-0 till ending with a draw for their final game.

One last thing someone got knocked out on Arma-Game-Don March so the scores got skewed due to that person only scoring 1 point per game.

Updated Scores are:

S – 98
T – 110
D – 104
C – 88

Also if you or your game crew have a list for scoring things on EDH hit me up!


MtG|Dave’s Shiny Big Deck

A buddy of mine introduced me to this MTG Format called Big Deck. The premise of singleton cards with a shared library is amusing and fun as the probability of stupid combos happening (especially with my usual gaming crew) increases exponentially.

Big Deck Rules as shown by Clonehead (go watch his videos!)

  • 555 Cards
  • No Lands
  • Spells are Lands
  • Each Player has their own
    • 20 Life
    • Graveyard
    • Exile Zone
  • Shared Library
  • Search only allows you to go through one pile


My version (follows the same rules just replace where needed)

  • 888 Cards
  • 8 Piles of cards

Abilities/Keywords that are included:

  • Constellation – because Enchantments are awesome
  • Outlast – long game strategy
  • Cascade – do I need to explain this one?
  • Exalted – one creature armies are hilarious

Abilities/Keywords that are excluded:

  • Landfall – too easy to trigger

Also not including cards that search for land because of two things, I know my game group well enough we’ll figure out stupid ways to win (e.g search for  basic land (Battle of Wits), put onto play, float mana, Upheaval, cast Battle of Wits).

Here’s the cards in it so far and if you have a card suggestion that is.

A) Game Changing by itself e.g Blightsteel Colossus
B) Creates hilarious/headache inducing board states e.g Knowledge Pool
C) Creates good synergy/combos with other cards e.g Clone
D) An Alternative Win Condition e.g Biovisionary

Last thing is more of an aesthetic (read that as slight case of obsessive compulsiveness) reason but it should be cards that are available in Foil and the Modern Format.

Arma-Game-Don|Dec 15 Edition

2 Months down 10 to go!

This month we got to try the Magic the Gathering Board Game Arena of the Planeswalkers! It brings a new dimension to your MtG experience and while some of the figures look really good some are kind of questionable (but for that price who can really complain?). I can see a lot of potential for this game particularly if A) WotC continues to support the game or B) if you’re enterprising enough to make your own stuff for it. Also can someone answer why the heck does Chandra not have a ranged attack?!?!!

Moving on Ascension: Rise of Vigil and Dead Fellas were played again (easy setup + fast paced games + hilarity = high replay value). You can pick up a copy of Dead Fellas on their website and its on sale right now too!

We got to play 2 rounds of Catan with someone hoarding all the sheep and people blocking our one reliable source of clay (which equates to no roads for a while). It may be just me but I’m slowly burning out from that game and if it wasn’t for the entertainment provided by the jokes and bad German accent someone was doing (because apparently in that universe they have perfectly engineered the sheep).

Last but not least is 2 rounds of Commander and of course we had to mix up the decks so we don’t run our own to which we in turn try to kill the person with our own deck because of the phrase “I know how scary that deck is” I’m not sure if we hold our own decks in high regard or if we actually know what we’re talking about.


Games Played/Rounds:

Duel of the Planeswalkers – 2
Dead Fellas – 2
Ascension: Rise of Vigil – 2
Settlers of Catan – 2
Commander – 2

Scores have been updated since its ongoing and will end sometime in October next year!

S – 47
T – 53
D – 52
C – 51


Arma-Game-Don|Nov 15 Edition

Tiny takes the inaugural Arma-Game-Don by a point!

It was a fun/grueling 24 hour slog fest of gaming and trash talking. Fun times was had by all as we got to test the base Commander 2015 decks (review to follow) , sent zombie mobsters against each other with Dead Fellas, tried to build cities in Carcassonne and other crazy shenanigans. Hopefully we can keep this up monthly or bi-monthly. Sadly, I am in last place but with nowhere to go but up, I’m staying optimistic until the next Arma-Game-Don. Now if only I can convince them to play “Zombies!!!” again……

Games and Rounds per Game:

1 Round of Ascension: Rise of Vigil, 3 Rounds of Dead Fellas, 2 Rounds of Carcassonne, 2 Rounds of Sealed Commander 2015 and 1 Round of Phase 10.

Final Score:

S – 23
T – 26
D – 20
C – 25