MtG|Dave’s Shiny Big Deck

A buddy of mine introduced me to this MTG Format called Big Deck. The premise of singleton cards with a shared library is amusing and fun as the probability of stupid combos happening (especially with my usual gaming crew) increases exponentially.

Big Deck Rules as shown by Clonehead (go watch his videos!)

  • 555 Cards
  • No Lands
  • Spells are Lands
  • Each Player has their own
    • 20 Life
    • Graveyard
    • Exile Zone
  • Shared Library
  • Search only allows you to go through one pile


My version (follows the same rules just replace where needed)

  • 888 Cards
  • 8 Piles of cards

Abilities/Keywords that are included:

  • Constellation – because Enchantments are awesome
  • Outlast – long game strategy
  • Cascade – do I need to explain this one?
  • Exalted – one creature armies are hilarious

Abilities/Keywords that are excluded:

  • Landfall – too easy to trigger

Also not including cards that search for land because of two things, I know my game group well enough we’ll figure out stupid ways to win (e.g search for  basic land (Battle of Wits), put onto play, float mana, Upheaval, cast Battle of Wits).

Here’s the cards in it so far and if you have a card suggestion that is.

A) Game Changing by itself e.g Blightsteel Colossus
B) Creates hilarious/headache inducing board states e.g Knowledge Pool
C) Creates good synergy/combos with other cards e.g Clone
D) An Alternative Win Condition e.g Biovisionary

Last thing is more of an aesthetic (read that as slight case of obsessive compulsiveness) reason but it should be cards that are available in Foil and the Modern Format.


MtG | EDH: Maelstrom Wanderer

Retiring my first EDH Deck. It was how I got into playing EDH and it was a fun deck to play and learn the nuances of Magic Rules. It went through a bunch of changes from full aggro tokens, clone, infinite turns to its final version (Aggro/Shenanigans).

Here’s the final deck list!

Leave a comment about your first EDH Deck and if you’re still playing it!

MtG|Review: Commander 2015 “Call the Spirits”

For the original deck list go here!

The first few times I saw this deck in action it feels too slow but after looking through the cards and possible ways to play it I realized that it just needs to be tweaked more then the other Commander Decks.

Daxos as a Commander is a solid 2/2 for his WBC casting cost but its his ability to bring more creatures to the board that makes him shine. My plan is to start converting it to a constellation deck as the tokens Daxos brings would trigger off of them.

Same with the previous deck it has most of the lands you need to build a nice base around and you’ll just need to put in a few more into those special lands e.g Godless Shrine.

I took out the alternate general as it doesn’t fit in the flavor/strategy anymore and loaded up with more Enchantments that remove or hinder my opponents more. I’m debating on adding Whip of Erebos as I don’t like the idea of losing a card to exile in EDH. Rule of Law didn’t make the cut as it would be counter intuitive. Will write more about how it performs once I play it against other people and it will be updated constantly for the next few months (along with Sen Triplets) as I slowly get my hands on cards I want to add.

Comment below on your favorite Enchantments and the updated deck list can be found here!

MtG|Review: Commander 2015 “Wade Into Battle”

For the original deck list go here

This deck is built for a really aggressive player. With a casting cost of WRCC you can potentially put Kalemne into play by 2 Turn and Swinging for Damage by Turn 3. (A God Hand opening would involve either a Plains or Mountain/Sol Ring/Mana Vault as that will allow you to swing in by Turn 2).

After using the deck during Arma-Game-Don which had me attacking the first place person right from the get go (forget diplomacy I was aiming not to be last place). It was apparent that it suffers from not enough draw which coupled by the high casting cost cards in my hand kept me from being able to keep up the pressure as well as defend myself.

Straight out of the box its good but as with everything you can make it better with the addition of new cards particularly ones that fit your play style. With that said here’s an updated list with cards I’ve added from my own stuff and the reasoning behind it.


The only card I removed was the Blasted Landscape its removed because that slot can be used by something better e.g Slayers Stronghold, Sacred Foundry, etc. etc. if the trend continues with the other decks expect to be only looking for a few utility lands as these decks come with it.


I try to keep a theme within a deck (that’s fancy talk for I don’t have the right cards at the moment) so for the most part I stuck with Soldiers, Giants, and Angels. Kalemne’s Captain was removed due to the addition of Equipment and Enchantments to help make Kalemne a potential one shot. Some utility creatures were added and can potentially combo with Sun Titan.


With it being EDH I just added a board wipe if things go awry. Enchantments added were those that make a creature better by giving them +/+ but also some evasion.


Mana Rocks and Filters were added. Would probably call in a favor to get the Swords as I never had the opportunity to use them  yet. Thought Vessel is currently one of my favorite cards as its a Mana Rock AND Reliquary Tower in one.

The updated list is here! Unfortunately their database does not have the new Commander stuff in their database yet so I’ll have to update that down the road.

MtG|Modern: Mono Black Zombies

Taking a break from things to tweak one of my favorite decks. This was built when Innistrad first came out so it originally featured cards from Scars of Mirrodin and was used as my FNM Staple. It was modified for Modern after it went out of rotation and hasn’t been really been changed much since its first inception.

Zombies Decklist


4x Festering Goblin
4x Shambling Goblin
2x Zombie Infestation


3x Small Pox
1x Gray Merchant of of Asphodel
1x Tragic Slip
1x Go for the Throat
1x Death Baron
1x Nantuko Husk

The strategy is to overwhelm the enemy. With 16 1 Drops I should be able to fill the board and put them on the defensive. 18 Land is Greedy but it gets the job done. If it proves to be a problem the first things that would be swapped out for more lands would probably be the Zombie Infestation.

Card Advantage would be tricky as Altar’s Reap is the only card draw option. Blood Scrivener could be the answer but will run the deck first before getting more cards. Same goes for a playset of Lord of the Undead as the ability to buff up zombies and return them to your hand is pretty good. Last but not least could be the addition of either Mutilate or Black Sun’s Zenith as board wipes for those games where I lose board control.

Comment if you played a deck similar to this and what you would add/remove!