Game Log

02/19/2018 Started playing The Sexy Brutale (PS4) !!!
02/22/2018 Finished Sexy Brutale (PS4) with all the Trophies!
02/27/2018 Started playing XCOM: Enemy Within (PS3)
03/08/2018 Taking a break from XCOM to play some Call of Duty: WW2 (PS4)
03/11/2018 Finished Call of Duty: WW2 (PS4)! Didn’t get all the Trophies
03/11/2018 Downloaded AdVenture Capitalist (PS4)
03/12/2018 Just got Mario Run… now its making me consider getting a Switch…
05/05/2018 Picked up Battletech!!! #TooExcited
07/11/2018 Liberated Coromodir! Didn’t get all the Achievements though 😦
09/15/2018 A friend sent me Horizon Zero Dawn! Excited to start it


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