CA | Arts District | Graffiti

Graffiti around the Arts District in DTLA. Definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods with small stores, 3 breweries (and counting), and lots of restaurants and bars.


Exhibit @ The Getty Museum: Cave Temples of Dunhaung


Photos of the replica caves from the Cave Temples exhibit. The reason behind the replicas is to educate as well as help preserve the sites from wear and tear. When you visit make sure to get the tickets asap to see it, then go to the exhibit at the Research Institute to see artifacts from the site and to learn more about the history of the site as well as conservation efforts.

Pictures are not allowed in the Research Institute but my favorite item is the Pilgrims letter of introduction/passport. It is written in multiple languages and in my opinion one of the more unique items. The conservation section covers how they preserve the site, shows the materials used and samples on how the temples were constructed.

For more information you can check out the Getty’s Website:

Book | Rosita y Conchita

Rosita Y Conchita – Eric Gonzalez & Eric Haeger

Is a children’s book that teaches culture on so many levels. It explains the significance of Dia de los Muertos and the practices for that celebration. What makes this book unique is that its a bilingual book with English AND Spanish side by side. The story and the art really captures the spirit of Dia de los Muertos.

You can read more of their projects with the links below!




Book | The Adventures of Someday Mouse

The Adventures of Someday Mouse – Katherine Brannock


The Adventures of Someday Mouse created by the sweet and talented Katherine Brannock. Its an inspirational book and talks about things an individual will go through in life. Each page is illustrated with a whimsical picture of the mouse (my favorite is the one pictured on the left). Aside from being an illustrator Katherine is also a tattoo artist! You can follow her adventures and work with the links provided below.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

There’s 3 things I want to talk about on this blog post. But FIRST a quick set of photos!


OK, with that here’s the 3 things:

There’s a lot of reasons why you shouldn’t drink and take photos.

  1. You might get some of your drink on your gear.
  2. You might accidentally drop your gear.
  3. You might lose your gear.

Luckily! I passed all my Fortitude Saves and Awareness Checks and I managed to take a few good pictures! I wanted to take more but thanks to running around doing various challenges and sweet talking my way out of trouble with the local constabulary (more on that later) I wasn’t able to.

Which brings me to my next topic.

If you plan to go the Ren Faire particularly The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire then there are something’s you definitely have to try. 

  1. The Pub Crawl! Seriously its fun/entertaining and there’s something about being part of 30-40 drunk people making their way through the Faire LOUDLY. As the Pub Crawl Motto is We are Rude, Crude and Socially Unacceptable!
  2. The Ren Quest! Have you ever wanted to live out those RPG game adventures? Then here’s your chance! Its actually pretty straightforward and the biggest bonus of doing this is that the entertainers/participants are more likely to engage and interact with you.

And the last thing which is the photography bit.

Is there a lens in your kit that you haven’t really used? if so why?

I’m just curious because I own three lenses and there’s a barely used 35mm in it so I intentionally didn’t bring the other lenses and forced myself to shoot with it. Still need to shoot more with it so maybe there’s a subject or event that’ll come up for me to use it.

That’s that for this post.


Road Trip |Bro-cation Edition


Day 1: 3/24/16

0000 Start of the road trip immediately stops at the CVS down the corner.

0100 J still hasn’t watched Firefly (FRIENDSHIP OVER!) at least he watched Daredevil (FRIENDSHIP RESUMES!)

0314 Ran into the most lost person in the world at helped him get out of the gas station AND had to tell him to take the next lane over to get to where he was going.

0350 Overtook a FedEx Truck (why not?)

0440 Got overtaken presumably by the same FedEx Truck

0710 Arrived at Williams, AZ. Had breakfast at a local diner and walked the town a bit where I commented it looks like the town in Cars and then promptly learning that J hasn’t watched Cars (Friendship Questionable).

1020 Arrived at Grand Canyon debated about the pass. Ended up getting it.

1050You ready to see a whole new planet Dave?!?!”

1140 Started walking the Rim Trail after agreeing we both don’t have enough water/food for the more challenging hike.

1525 Arrived at Yavapai Point and Geology Museum, gets National Parks Passport.

1540 Goes to car to start making our way to Desert View Watchtower

1600 Quick stop at the Tusayan Museum and Ruin

1620 at the Desert View Watchtower jokes about possibility of stamp for passport finds out there are multiple cancellation stamps scattered throughout the park.

1625 *(^#%**$*(^&!@&@!^#*(^

1630 @!(#)*&^@_(!%@&*(^#@!*^$@!*#^_^*(%^#*(^!!

1645 starts heading for Flagstaff

1710 Hey, that looks interesting (points at Wupatki sign)

1745 Arrives at Flagstaff

1850 Let’s try it I don’t really follow what Yelp says

1920 This is why we use Yelp!”

2000 Caught Luther on television, while planning route for tomorrow and then knocked out.