Commander Report: B/G Voltron


Took this decklist out for a game last weekend and lets just say there’s a reason Edgar Markov is banned in 1v1 Commander. It took 5 games and my opponent getting mana screwed before I even won (barely I might add as he was able to eventually stabilize before a misplay). With that said its back to the drawing board for B/G as I want to try building a Birthing Pod Deck with Meren as the Commander.

Also while going through my cards. A Silent Arbiter showed up which, hindsight 20/20 should have been an automatic add in the first place. Another mistake was not being able to completely commit to either Aura or Equipment.


Commander Report: U/G Shenanigans


Played variations of this deck last time we played Commander.

There’s two extra Commander options in the Main Deck and depending on who you use changes the dynamic of the deck. It also features four win conditions. One of which requires two cards (and your opponent not running the right colors), and straight up milling your opponents. Bioviosionary and Labmaniac is missing from this build as I’ve used those cards a lot in previous decks and wanted to take a break from it.

I have not managed to win with this deck outright but in the last few games have managed to knock out at least two other players (in a four person game).

Working on a B/G Deck now to switch it up.


Organizing the Libraries

One more attempt to organize my Magic collection! This time with more thought and logic to maximize efficiency AND playability. Here are the guidelines I put for myself to follow.

  1. Determine what formats I’m playing.
  2. Build decks that I currently have cards for.
  3. Reuse as much on hand supplies as possible.

Pretty straightforward right? So with that set. Time to find all my cards, queue some podcasts (listen to these! The Command Zone, Critical Hit, Ologies, and Style Girlfriend), and settle in.

What the Format? 

The first step to organizing it was taking out all the cards from binders, boxes, decks, and random container that I didn’t even know had cards in it. From there it was separated by color which was then broken down by card type, while I was separating it I almost made a neat pile of legendary creatures because the format that I want to play a lot of is…

Commander (Surprise, Surprise)

With that it’s time to breakdown how many possible colors and combinations that are available and thanks to WOTC who has been really supportive of this format there’s a commander for all twenty five possible color combinations along with One of each Color, Five Color, and Colorless (I checked using EDHREC). Using that I’ve decided to at least make Three Decks for Mono, Two, Three, and Five Color Generals. Then one for each of the Four Color Generals (for now).

Cube (Because why not? Do I want it to be all shiny?)

Looking to build two to three cubes by slowly getting cards for them. The first is all the Un-Sets which should be a fun to play with. Then I found out that in a few months RAVNICA is going to be the next plane they return to which is EXCITING so will build a Common/Uncommon Cube from all the releases for it. Not sure of a third one as that might be too ambitious (crazy even).

What the Deck/s?

I started with the Mono Color Decks and 5 Color as it’s technically the easiest to make (easy in terms of figuring out what cards work and what won’t work in a particular deck). Since each Color in Magic has a archetype you can built around I’ll skip listing the decks for now, but an example for a color would be (Blue; Artifact, Merfolk, and Wizard Lock).

What Supplies?

For each color/color combination it should have a specific sleeves the purpose of it as there are three decks in each one is to easily swap cards to other decks within those particular colors. Doing so would theoretically keep it organized and allow for more combinations/strategies.

Luckily, I somehow got all the sleeves I need for the first phase of this project! At the time of this writing there’s ten working decks and three almost complete decks (Mono-decks got redundant after the eighth one so I did two four color and a three color). I also did a quick count of the holiday boxes I have and somehow managed to have enough to store all of the decks.

Will post progress and decks as time allows.