Kicking it Forward | Help Fund Priska’s Debut EP

Good music ahead! Priska’s album is fully funded! It still has a few days to go so there’s still a chance to get a copy and a few perks.

Here’s a link for Kickstarter to get you started.


Reading: Eat More Comics The Best of the Nib

If you want to read something to catch up with current events and social issues then The Nib is the place to go.

Matt Bors does a great job highlighting the topics he touches upon and his list of contributing artists not only bring in their unique art styles but also their unique perspectives on the topic (unabashed fanboy of Kate Leth here who’s bio in the book almost made me spit out my coffee).

Some of my favorite strips from the book that you can find online are:

Supper Sunday
Lighten Up
Meanwhile in San Francisco
Vaccine’s Work

What’s your go to website for editorials or current events? Also you can get your very own dead trees edition here!